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The Toussaint holidays are just around the corner – a friendly reminder that the Staff Centre will host holiday camps for children ages 3-14 for the weeks of 24 - 28 October and 31 October - 4 November. Click here for more information and to register (Password: Holidaycamps!).

Colonies de Vacances / Holiday Camp


Meet Stephanie Liangos, the new Site Manager for holiday camps at NATO HQ.

Growing up in Greece, she spent many of her holidays as a scout - holiday camps became a big part of her childhood. During her formative years, Stephanie developed a passion for working with children. Stephanie came to Brussels and worked for several years as an English teacher with primary and secondary school ages. She became passionate about working with children with special needs and wanted to give children a voice and create authentic learning experiences that will allow them to flourish individually and socially.

Stephanie pursued a masters in Neurolinguistics and Psycholinguistics with a focus on speech and language disorders in children. She became a Speech Therapist and Special Needs teacher. Stephanie completed an additional master's in Neuroscience, specializing in pediatric neuropsychology.


Stephanie has worked for many years in a special needs school in Brussels, in which she was a case manager for children who were exceptionally gifted and/or had special needs. Stephanie is an advocate for inclusivity. She is currently pursuing her PhD in KU Leuven in Psychology and Education, specializing in Autism Spectrum Disorder. She is an active researcher in the Leuven Autism Research.

"Providing meaningful experiences for children in a fun and creative manner is a core element of what is reflected in my ethos and ethics as a professional. My goal is to promote opportunities for the campers to be inspired and create lasting memories. I believe my career as a special needs case manager, therapist, and active researcher puts me in a position where I can implement best practices for children through fun and exciting activities that allow them to flourish! In addition, my education and professional background will be utilized to organize and execute the day-to-day activities in the camp, ensuring that the needs of the children and staff are met."

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