Make your house a home without worrying about the furniture.

Master Meubel not only shows an exclusive and extremely complete collection of designer brands and pieces of furniture but also takes a very personal view of the collections. They have their own team of ten interior architects who enter into a daily dialogue with each other about both the presentations in the business and about advice to customers so that you receive more and more value and advice for your investment.

Rent your furniture with Master Meubel

How it works

Our Furniture Rent solutions is a flexible and affordable way to provide high-quality design furniture. Everyone can benefit from our rent solution – we are one of de biggest dealers in contemporary design and office furniture, going from accessories to sofas, home office, and even artwork. Anything that you need to upgrade your interior.

Rent your furniture for the short-term or long-term. Our Interior designers will ensure the space planning services so you are able to get the perfect fit when renting your furniture.

After scheduling a visit together with you, we will come with a proposal and budget for your review and acceptance.

From rent to own 

With a long-term contract for your rent, you can have an interesting residual value to eventually buy the chosen furniture after the expiration of your contract.



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