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St-Michel BVBA is a family run business active in the automotive since 1968.

Grandfather Pierre Piret and son Michel started with MAZDA in 1972 in a small garage in 1030 Schaerbeek.

The evolution of the brand in Belgium made the family run business grow and invest on a second location on the famous Leuvensesteenweg -chaussée de Louvain in 1932 St-Stevens Woluwe, place to be in the automobile sector where the family diversified their activities with other brands.

In 2014 Matthias Sieleghem, head of MAZDA BELUX asked Olivier Piret, co-owner to think about dealing again the brand MAZDA and it became a fantastic common project.

2015 was the year of major transformation of the dealership to full fill the new standards of MAZDA. We are now a few years later, so proud to have the honour of representing MAZDA and dealing our fantastic cars.

Today the second generation is still helping the third one that is on the run of the business. We have to thank of course the people from MAZDA BELUX to have put their trust on us but certainly also the customers that followed us and joined the MAZDA Family. NATO members and diplomats are certainly major part of our success and we have already strong customer relationship that was built over the years with some. The share of life experiences and stories are humanly very rewarding, this makes our business nice to run.

Our customer satisfaction dedicated service, flexibility, know-how and spoken languages (English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Polish are spoken fluently at the dealership) helped us through the years to achieve this.

In 2020 Mazda turned 100 years.
100 years of customer orientated Japanese craft to make reliable, safe, fun to drive and multi awarded cars, this all based on 2 pillars: KODO design and JINBA ITAI.
To make it short, KODO design stands for the soul of movement integrated in our cars and JINBA ITAI for the feeling of making one with the car when you drive it, like a rider and his horse.

So don’t wait too long to pay us u visit and contact us on info@stmichel.be .




Olivier Piret, Owner gen.manager