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Bring Life Back to the Staff Centre

NATO is a knowledge-intensive organization that derives its relevance from its people. Personal resilience is key to sustained performance when facing a variety of challenges.

The fundamental purpose of Morale, Wellbeing, and Recreation (MWR) is to enhance well-being and foster community-building at NATO HQ.

One of the top MWR priorities is to bring life back to the Staff Centre. The changes you see are based on feedback from the NATO HQ community - more will follow.​

Things will look different at the Staff Centre in 2023:

Flexible Sport Memberships

Sport membership policies are now flexible with more options. Members can choose auto-renewal or manual renewal of their membership, and members who choose manual renewal have the option to pay via bank card. The menu of membership options has expanded: the 10-Visit Pass enables members to visit the sports centre 10 times during a 3-month period (EUR 60). Members can choose a basic or family membership for 3 months, 6 months (new), or 12 months.

Call or visit the Reception Desk 02 808 2232

Food Trucks

From 16 May, food trucks are on-site at the Staff Centre for lunch (Monday-Friday 11h00 – 14h00). Each day of the week will bring a different cuisine; staff can pick up food and sit outside on the terrace, sit inside at the restaurant, or take their food back to the HQ. Card payment accepted.

Social Events​

On 12 May, the Staff Centre hosted a “Spring Social", which included a lunch barbeque and an Aperitivo Milano in the evening. Thank you to everyone who participated, and keeps an eye out for similar events in the future!

Where you can find more information:

MWR Points of Contact: if you want to​ ensure that your division or delegation receives timely and relevant information about the sport, social, and family activities, please submit your contact information as the MWR Point of Contact for your NATO entity

More changes are on the way… stay tuned!

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