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Drive Now: How does it work?

Be more mobile in 2018!

Did you make a New Year’s resolution? Have you decided to go to gym, travel or read more? When making your resolutions did you think about your mobility and its impact on the city you live in?

DriveNow has also made a New Year’s resolution: to make you and Brussels more mobile. Our free-floating car sharing service allows our customers to access a car when and where they need one, and to drop it off when and where they want. With more and more users signing up every day, DriveNow plays an important role in decreasing traffic jams, increasing the capacity of the current parking infrastructure and helps lower air and noise pollution!

In order for you to be more mobile and help in making Brussels better in 2018, we are offering NATO employees and family members our New Year’s offer: FREE REGISTRATION and 20 FREE MINUTES!

Start your New Year with a positive change.



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