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Brussels Car Ban - Special conditions

Take advantage of our “Motor Show” special conditions until the end of February

As you may know, since January 1st 2018 Brussels Capital region has restricted all diesel cars registered in 1997 or before from the city’s streets. This restriction will be extended in 2019 to petrol cars from before 1997 and diesel cars before 2001.

In 2025 this ban will cover diesel cars registered before 2015 and petrol cars before 2001.Controls will be made based on automatic recognition system of licence plates to supervise the implementation of this measure.

Do not waste any minute and take advantage of our “Motor Show” special conditions to buy your new car before February 28th. (Attention, borrowing money also costs money)

You can contact your local "Banca Monte Paschi Belgio" branch in the “Staff Centre” for more information on our current offers in vehicle loans or vehicle insurance or contact us directly.

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