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We all know networking is very important...

Want a new working lifestyle?

You only have a few days left to claim your free 10-day trial in the most ambitious Brussels co-working centre "Silversquare Triomphe ". The centre is only 20 minutes away from your NATO office!

🇧🇪 A bigger network, potential collaborators, a beautiful office and fresh coffee! 🇧🇪

Having a well-established network has become an important part of our lives. Whether you are starting your own business or want some more idea's for your internal projects you are sure to benefit from meeting new like-minded individuals and also creating a larger network to meet potential partners and clients.

Most people agree that networking has delivered more return on investment than any other tool in business, both financially and in non-monetary terms.

What are you waiting for? Take advantage of your free 10-day trial and see what all the fuss is about - you never know who you may meet in those 10 days!

Silversquare Triomphe

Avenue Arnaud Fraiteur 15-23,

1050 Bruxelles

Mon-Fri; 8:00-16:00

+32 2 627 77 22


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