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Discover the ADAM – Brussels Design Museum!

Established after the Atomium’s acquisition of the Plasticarium collection in December 2014, the ADAM offers an innovative and surprising insight on plastic design from the fifties to the present and on other forms of design through other periods, expressions, materials and themes.

In the permanent collection – also known as the Plasticarium – you will discover around 500 plastic objects. A collection that varies from the most everyday objects to truly unique items or original pieces.

Moreover, you’re journey into the 20th and 21st century design will not stop here. With 3 current temporary exhibition, you’ll get a chance to discover the daily objects and graphics designed in the USSR from the 50ies until now (Soviet Design. Red Wealth) or the fashion and graphic design telling of the style that marked to age during the World Exposition in 1958 (Podium 58 and Graphic 58).

Take advantage of this year’s great opportunity to buy a ticket at the Atomium and get free access to the ADAM – Brussels Design Museum.

A perfect combination that will take you on an inspiring journey from past to present.

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