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Are you properly washing your military uniform?

Everyone who wears military uniform knows that there are many reasons to why you should keep your uniform in its best possible condition. Many people wash their uniform at home, but there are many problems such as optical brighteners found in traditional detergents which can put your camouflage at risk.

These added brighteners make your clothes appear bright and white by coating them with fluorescent particles. In a military combat situation, uniforms laundered with optical brighteners are visible through night vision lenses, making the brightened uniform a visible target.

In addition to safety, uniforms are expensive and it is important to properly handle and preserve a military uniform. O'Puro can clean your clothes to remove odors well without the need for heavy fragrances.

O'Puro have expert knowledge on how to keep your military uniform in its best condition and you can now benefit from a 15% reduction!

Save the hassle and your time and drop your clothes off at O'puro!


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