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Aperitivo Milano- Last Summer Event

Nothing speaks better for summer than refreshing cocktails and seafood. And we all know that Italy has many famous and delicious summer beverages to be proud of... Nothing, however, has as strong a claim to being “Italy’s drink” as a low-alcohol cocktail called the Aperol Spritz. We decided to accompany this summer cocktail with a delicious tapas buffet to finish the summer loоk.

Come and join us for the last event at the NSC Restaurant. Don’t miss the opportunity to gather around and enjoy food, drinks, positive vibes in the serene atmosphere of relaxing chill out music. Let’s say proper goodbye to the summer season and the old beloved Restaurant. The treat is on us, bring only your positive mood.

THURSDAY 30TH August, 16:30 ​


#NSCRestaurant #summer

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