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3 concrete tips for working from home

The corona crisis has not only brought our social life to a standstill, but it has also had a huge impact on our work situation. Many people suddenly have to work from home or even more. Master interior architect Jill gives some tips for those who start working from home in the new Bossy Magazine.

tip #1: first things first Are you tackling an existing space or are you starting from a blank sheet? In both cases, it is tempting to choose your furniture and decoration right away. But what you like is not always what you need for working from home. You can find out your needs and wishes on the basis of the following questionnaire. Then test the different options and only then start with the furnishing.

  • How much space is available?

  • How many people work in your office?

  • Do you only work at home or sometimes also while traveling?

  • Do you need a separate room for meetings?

  • Do you receive customers in your office or in a separate room?

  • Which devices and how much storage space do you need?

Tip #2: the right furniture in the right place Based on the answers to the above questions, you can choose your office furniture. With an office chair, comfort and flexibility are the most important. For example, consider one with adjustable armrests and a tilting and height-adjustable seat. Do you work with several people? Then a landscape office is a popular choice today. Small partitions on a large table provide subdivisions and also serve as a bulletin board. Pay attention to the acoustics, for example with a sound-absorbing carpet or fabric partitions. If you work alone at home, it is best to let the aesthetics weigh in on their desk. After all, this piece of furniture must fit in with your interior. While a smaller and more unobtrusive desk may be a better fit, you should still provide enough workspace for yourself. Two additional tips to increase your working comfort by aligning your chair and your desk:

  • Keep your worktop at elbow height and your shoulders relaxed

  • Position your monitor so that the top is at eye level

Tip #3: the finish determines the atmosphere Colours and materials have a major influence on the appearance of your workspace, both for yourself and for visitors such as customers and colleagues. So don't hesitate to let a Master interior architect guide you to make the right choices. They help you with concrete tips. Vibrant colors create a cheerful, casual atmosphere while working from home. If you prefer to keep it business-like, go for neutral colors such as black, grey, beige, and brown. A color accent with, for example, burgundy, dark green, or dark blue is certainly possible. The materials must be durable and easy to maintain. For your desk it is, therefore, best to choose Fenix, laminate or ceramic, for your chair leather or another fabric with high wear resistance.

If you need more information about the furniture you need to work at home, you can contact Master Meubel here.

Have a nice day!

NSC Team

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