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Street Food at the Staff Centre

We are thrilled to bring you the best selection in Street food to NATO HQ.

Every day of the week, starting from 16th May, from 11h30 to 14h00, a different food truck will offer flexible, affordable, easy-to-eat food for you to enjoy in the large open-air terrace in front of the Staff Centre.

Our selection includes Lebanese plates, Gourmet Burgers, fresh Bagels, Mexican burritos, Vietnamese spring rolls, Peruvian specialties, and much more.

Leave the office and meet your colleagues in the Staff Centre to enjoy the good weather and relax for a while. If it’s raining or you prefer to stay indoors, the restaurant area will open its doors for you to enjoy your street food. And if you're in a hurry, you can always take it back to the office!

Come over and try it out!

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