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The 24th edition of the NATO Ironmanneke!

On Sunday May 6th, 2018, It will be the the 24th Edition of the NATO Ironmanneke!!

A triathlon organised by the Brussels Ironman NATO, one of the largest clubs member of the NCSC structure.

The Ironmanneke is divided into three races open to all ;

From 10am till 11 :30 am the Ironkid for kids aged between 6 and 12. Distances for the three categories of kids are the following (swim/bike/run) ; 25/4/250 – 50/6/400 – 100/8/800

At 1 pm Ironmanneke discovery for real beginners ; 250/9/3

At 1 :30 pm Ironmanneke 500/18/6

All the activities are located inside the NATO staff centre except for the bike course and run course that are accomplished around the HQ.

Like always we are sold out with this race ; 80 kids registered for the Ironkid and 240 participants for the Ironmanneke.

This race is one of the opening races for the Belgian triathlon world and is known as being one of the best organised races in the country!

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