Did you miss the SLEEP DNA Days? You san still discover your sleep profile!

Twice a year, Sleeplife® organises the SLEEP DNA® Days. During this promotional period you can have your sleep profile measured in our Ergosleep® Experience Studio.In addition, you will receive a discount on a selection Ergosleep® sleep system. This way you can be sure that your Ergosleep® bed combination is fully customised to your body. Currently, no SLEEP DNA® Days are held.


Have you missed the SLEEP DNA® Days and do you want a bed completely attuned to your body? Rest assured: you can always visit one of our 19 Sleeplife® bed stores to have your sleep profile measured. Totally free of charge! In Belgium, 250,000 people already know their SLEEP DNA®. What are you waiting for?


What exactly is SLEEP DNA®?

Your SLEEP DNA® or sleep profile forms the basis of the Ergosleep® sleep system: a highly personalised bed solution that is completely adapted to your body. Because sleeping in a bed that does not meet your needs is like walking in someone else's shoes.


By measuring and integrating your SLEEP DNA® with your Ergosleep® bed base, you are assured of a good night's sleep and optimal recovery for your body. This way you wake up relaxed and without a backache.


Up to € 1,000 off Ergosleep® bed combinations

Everyone is unique. So why should everyone sleep in the same type of bed? You are entitled to a bed that suits your body. That is why during the SLEEP DNA® Days you benefit from a discount of up to € 1,000 on our new collection of Ergosleep® bed combinations.

Specially made for you at an affordable price. Curious to know what we have in store for you?


What are the advantages of a SLEEP DNA® bed?

A bed that is adapted to your body absorbs the pressure differences of your body on the mattress. This gives it the correct support everywhere. Your body is fully supported. And this has its advantages:


  • Your muscles can relax fully, allowing your body to recuperate

  • optimally from its daily endeavors.

  • Since your bed is adapted to your body profile, you immediately find the right sleeping position.

  • You sleep better, more peacefully and wake up refreshed. Ready to get back down to business.

  • Because you have had such a good night's sleep, you are also less tired during the day.

  • You have far fewer problems with back, shoulder, hip or neck pain. Both during and after sleep.

Your SLEEP DNA® in your mattress

To ensure a good night's sleep, it is not enough to integrate your SLEEP DNA® only in your bed base. Your mattress is just as important. Why would you buy a mattress that is not suitable for your body? In Ergosleep® mattresses, comfort and zoning are fully adapted to your physique. This way, you always get optimal support. But how do you find the right mattress for your body? Well, our sleep experts discover it with you in 3 steps.